My objective is the Truth with a capital T, mentally composed in Bodoni or, on the weekends, Garamond. I believe dishonest design is the scourge of humanity. What do I mean by that? Simply step outside. Fraudulence is everywhere. From the rat-tail curve encircling the “H” of the Hilton logo to the poorly kerned signage at your local bus depot, we live in a visually polluted environment. Graphic designers must keep our hoodies zipped tight along with our values. My aim is total unsparing honesty as it pertains to my craft. I will pull no punches and expect the same from you, should we have the benefit of working together in the future.

“Meu objetivo é a Verdade, com V maiúsculo, e composta em Bodoni (…)”. É piada da Mc Sweeney’s, claro. Mas você consegue negar que muitos designers começam a carreira com esse tipo de síndrome de superioridade do iniciante? Eu comecei assim, pelo menos.