“Working with Ridley Scott is very much a process of thinking in the abstract. It’s taken for granted that the more obvious soundscapes are filled, without talking about it. He tends to respond to tone and mood, and always gets excited when that adds to the feeling of a scene. Ridley is never afraid to take chances with sound (…). There is no question that, with Ridley to inspire and direct us, something unique always happens.

He told me once, ‘Imagine an angry pike fish has just landed in your boat and is thrashing about,’” Hemphill continues. I can’t give the scene away, but that was all I needed to hear! It’s part of the Golden Rule in Sound. The ‘What’ is easy to do — you see something on the screen and you cut a sound for it. The hard part is the ‘Why?’ If you know the why — a pike thrashing in your boat — then it gets exciting. Chances are good that the audience will get excited as well, and that’s why we’re doing it: for the audience.”

A equipe que fez o som de Prometheus, aguardado novo filme de Ridley Scott, conta detalhes de como é trabalhar com o diretor. O post no Motion Pictures Editors Guild mostra até os equipamentos que foram usados e os conceitos que inspiraram o trabalho. Se você gosta desse tipo de assunto (e por que não gostaria?) vale assistir também o vídeo de Angelo Badalamenti, sobre trabalhar com David Lynch.