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Determining What You Need For Storage Space

One of the biggest issues most people discover in their homes is the lack of storage space.  This is one of the reasons that so many people get storage units and outside storage to hold stuff that they just can’t get rid of.  However, in many cases the stuff that we have in our homes is stuff we will use.  This is why finding cabinet installation arvada to ensure we have enough space is vital to keeping everything in its place.

Hanging cabinets

Hanging cabinets are typically the number one cabinet that we will use in our homes.  These hang high up on the wall near the ceiling.  They will typically hold dishes, glasses and miscellaneous items that we use on a constant basis.  In a typical kitchen you will have about fix to ten cabinets that hang on the walls from one side of the kitchen to the next.

Floor cabinets

Floor cabinets or cabinets that are close to the floor are typically used for less essential items.  In general, they will hold some electrical appliances such as toasters, griddles, frying pans and other cookware.  Homeowners will typically keep these cabinets stocked full of stuff that is seldom used throughout the year but needed from time to time. 


Cabinets with drawers are typically installed by the oven or sink.  Here we will have items such as silverware and towels.  These cabinets will typically be the most used since they hold the majority of items used in the kitchen.

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The pantry is a large cabinet that is used in the kitchen.  This typically is an end cabinet that has folding doors.  Depending on the size of the pantry you can hold a lot of different items and even walk inside to explore endless possibilities.